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OK, change of plans. Due to unpleasantness and out-of-townness, conflicts have arisen and the practice for tomorrow is cancelled. We're still hoping for one next Sunday, though, so clear your schedules. ^_^

Stuff and Such

So, fighter practice on Sunday. I'd suggest bringing your character's weapon, but it sounds like Mat's got a lot of logistics stuff to go over, so also bring a pen and paper (or a good memory) and some patience for sitting and listening. If someone could tag Alex (does he have a LJ account?) and see what he can do about dragging AJ along, too, I'd appreciate it.

Oh yeah, and character write-ups. Let's start getting them in, people! I think we've gotten one so far (thank you! Very nicely done) and you can't spend your TUs until we've got it. If you're strapped for time, send it to us piece by piece if you have to, or give us bare bones of what Mat asked for, and then you can flesh it out later.