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Eidolon gameplay is a mix of the immediate adrenaline rush of Live-Combat, the intruige and volumes of plot writing associated with Theatre Style play, and the subtle acts of archeological discovery and research from Investigative style games (such as Cthulhu-Live.) We are producing a ongoing campaign style story, in which the participants play recurring characters. Our events are weekend-long, incorporating the immersion brought by eating, sleeping, etc. with the game continuing non-stop for the entire weekend.

In terms of world-feel, we're aiming for a High Fantasy mixed with Horror. Our inspirations for the world design are drawn from J.R.R. Tolkien's works, The Dark Crystal, and Call of Cthulhu. The game is based in a world born of magic and the fantastic; yet it is ultimately dying, and the decay can be seen and felt through the story that the players will experience. It is our hope that Aethea, the world of Eidolon, becomes a memorable place for our participants.

With the Eidolon system, we've tried to innovate upon many old LARP mechanic ideas to make a rules system that accomodates and encourages many different aspects of play. With a classless system that uses the passage of Time rather than earned "experience points," players can experiment with and change their characters as they choose without falling behind in relative level of usefulness.

The real-world aspect of Eidolon is one of community. All players in Eidolon help out in the production side of Eidolon by performing as Cast characters for part of each weekend long event. We also offer Eidolon related bonuses and rewards to our players who help out with the production side of other LARPs (whether in our immediate area or not.)

Finally, Eidolon is a private, noncommercial game. This means that any admission fees collected in excess of the cost to produce an event are refunded to the participants. Admission fees are calculated by the production cost divided by the anticipated number of participants (which means that more participants turns around into a lower cost for everyone.) We will not run an event that costs more than $40 a person for the weekend, and we are reluctant to run an event that would even cost that much (our first event is priced at $30.) Our ledger of costs and collected fees are available for all participants to see, as well.

Overall, we hope to bring some new methods and ideas to the LARP community, create an environment that fosters goodwill between LARPs and LARPers, and run some memorable and enjoyable events.